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Yeezy Triple Black 350 V2 Boost

In Singapore, the Yeezy release was at 10 am. I Received a BIG L on the release date.
I was very sad that I couldn’t cop a Yeezy, but I kept my head up and kept the Instagram and Twitter feeds open, I saw a picture passing by that people are still Queuing at Orchard for the Yeezy’s.
I still had the chance to cop the Yeezy.

I straight away walked to the MRT station and took the train to Orchard, took me about 30 minutes to reach the Adidas outlet and it was true there was still stock for the Yeezy.
I starting queuing with my GF and after 45 minutes of queuing, we finally reached the front of the row. The Adidas staff Announced that they only had 5 Pairs of Yeezy’s left, My GF was lucky because she had small feet so she copped US 4.5,

I Copped a US 4 to resell it. She decided to keep the Yeezy for her Collection and
I decided to sell it off or if someone wants to trade for a US 10.5.

My strategy to sell the Yeezy is to wait for 1 month because on the release date the Stockx price of the Yeezy Triple black v2 350 boost Dropped till 279USD (Lowest Asked), but the next day the price was rising very fast to 320 USD(Lowest asked), therefore I will wait for a month to let the Yeezy price stabilize and then sell it off.

The second reason I wait for a month is that my size which I copped is very rare and people are selling it for 400-430 SGD.
That is a low-profit margin for a Black Yeezy, therefore I will wait and let the price stabilize and then sell it off with a good profit.

Yeezy Blue Tint V2 350 boost Copped

16 December 2017 the Yeezy Blue Tint v2 350 boost was released in the Netherlands.
This was my first ever copped sneaker. Very happy, with a big disappointment.
I don’t know it was beginners’ luck or something but I queued online for like 10 minutes and I was through. I copped the Yeezy Blue Tint v2 350 boost and I was very happy that day. The delivering date was set on 27 December 2017.
I was so excited that I copped my first-ever Yeezy and especially the Blue Tint. The colorway on the Yeezy Blue Tint is very unique compared to other Yeezy’s. The Tinted blue color and a bit off grey on the Yeezy + the zebra pattern made it perfect. This colorway I couldn’t see on any sneaker.

The day it was delivered, 27 December 2017.
I received the delivery and was so happy to open it, so when I open it and held it in my hands it was even more beautiful then I could imagen. (It looks like I talking about holding a baby)
The biggest disappointment came after I held the Yeezy. I wanted to try it and there it came to the disappointment. The size of the Yeezy was too small ☹.
The happiness fled my body and disappointment came into my body.

So I decided to sell my Yeezy Blue Tint. A friend of mine in Singapore wanted to have the Yeezy and it was his size. After negotiating the price we came out at 550SGD that’s around 380 Euros.
Yeezy Blue Tint v2 350 Boost Price: 220 Euros.
Selling price 550 SGD = roughly 380 Euros.
Profit of 160 Euros.

The Sneaker Journey

My Sneaker Journey started all the way back in December 2017.
I had laid eyes on the Yeezy beluga 2.0 v2 boost 350.
Why did I fall in love with the Yeezy beluga 2.0 v2 boost 350?
I compared the Beluga’s with the Zebra and, Frozen semi. After long looking between these 3 The Frozen Semi fell off because it didn’t fit all my outfits and it was very bright.
The hard choice was Zebra and Beluga 2.0. For my first pair of Yeezy’s,

I wanted to have a nice colorway that fits my outfits and won’t get dirty that fast. For these specific reasons, I choose the Yeezy Beluga 2,0 v2 boost 350.

The Yeezy uses the same Pattern as the Yeezy zebra v2 boost 350 and the beluga color attracted me With a little bit of red (My favorite color) stripes and SPLY – 350 in red made it perfect for me. to purchase the Yeezy Beluga 2,0 v2 boost 350.

I Ordered my Yeezy’s on the 5th of December 2017 and received it from Stockx on 12 December 2017 In The Netherlands. When I received my Yeezy Beluga I was very excited I couldn’t wait to open it. When I opened it I was staring at the shoes for like 10 minutes, then I tried the shoes on and it was a bit tight because I bought the wrong size. I Bought Us 9.5 I should have US10/ 10.5, but it felt pain tight it still felt fine. When I tried to walk on the shoes it felt so comfortable like walking on a cloud.
I tried many sneakers such as Nike Air Force 1 Low & High, Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Max 90,  Jordan 1, 4, 5, and the Nike Vapor Max.
The Nike  Vapor Max came the closest to the comfortability compare to the Yeezy.

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