How to start a Sneaker Collection

1.How To Start

Save up between 700 – 1100SGD. The reason why to have 700 – 1100SGD is for you to cop several sneakers, so you have variety for the potential customer to sell it to. From my own experience to cop Nike Sneakers such as: Jordans or Nike Off-White on the original Nike website is very difficult because it full of Bots. I never got through, but don’t be afraid there are other options. In Singapore DSMS is a good option, Keep track of the off-white Instagram and community, because off-white Singapore sometimes releases off-white sneakers out of the blue.

3. Sneaker Knowledge

Do some research for copping pairs of sneakers, before you waste your hard earned money to buy something that can’t be sold for profit.
Know the Sneaker prices: Yeezy 350 boost v2 are 349SGD
Yeezy 500 are 320 SGD
Yeezy 700 are 450SGD
Air Jordan 1 High are 239 SGD
Jordan XI (11) are 269 SGD
Air Force 1 low are 179 SGD
Off- White sneakers are different pricing
Collaborations check online for the prices.

3.My Experience with copping Sneakers without BOT

Yeezy 350 Boost Collection

Yeezy’s 350 boost v2 will give you minimum of 50/100 SGD profit, but if you lucky to cop a Rare Yeezy for example: The Black Color, Blue tint, Beluga, or reflective then the profit can be from 200 to even 2k. 2k will be the reflective black 350 boost.

Over the time frame of 2 years I have copped around 20 Yeezy 350 boost v2.
The worst Yeezy 350 boost v2 was the Yeezy 350 boost v2 butter.
Why it was a bad cop was: my mind was every Yeezy is profitable, therefore I bought 7 pairs of the Yeezy butters. Luckily I knew a person that wanted all of them because he got a Store in Singapore.

But I made a minimum profit of 70 SGD. Yes, that’s right 10 SGD on each pair.
The good cop was the Yeezy Blue tint, Zebra, and the Semi Frozen. These pairs made me allot of money.

I would mark the Yeezy 350 boost v2 collection a 8, because Price is good to cop and the resell value is great.
My personal Opinion on the design is i like it very much, its very comfy and looks good when you wear it.
Recommend to cop if have the chance

Yeezy 500 Collection

Yeezy 500 aren’t that popular, however in Singapore there is a big market for Yeezy 500 if you can cop Sizes from Us4 to Us 6.
Man, mostly won’t wear them in Singapore, but woman are very keen in buying the Yeezy 500, therefore the prices of the Yeezy 500 are up especially the low sizes Us 4 to Us6.

I copped the salt, blush, and utility black.
I had 1 pair of Salt Us 4.5 – Pair of Blush Us 6 – 3 Pairs of Utility black Us 5, 6, and 6.5.
The prices of the Yeezy 500 are 320SGD. I don’t wear the Yeezy 500 collection, because it’s just not my style of sneaker. So, I already set my mind to sell these pair of.

Yeezy 500 Salt copped for 320 SGD Sold for 450 SGD – Profit 130 SGD
Yeezy 500 Blush copped for 320 SGD Sold for 430 SGD – Profit 110 SGD
Yeezy 500 Utility black Copped 3 Pairs for 960SGD Sold for US 6.5 420SGD, US 6 450 SGD us 5, 470SGD Profit of 100 + 130 + 150 = 380 SGD. Not a bad day.

I waited a month to sell these shoes. At the start of many releases people are selling the shoes for around 50SGD profit. I knew the low sizes would go up because if you look at the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow the low sizes are sky rocking. That’s why I waited a month so all the pairs are gone and if people wanted to size I would be a rare seller.

I would mark the Yeezy 500 collection a 6, because price is good to cop and resell value is also good, but design wise not my cup of tea
Recommend to cop small sizes

Yeezy 700 Collection

I copped 3 Yeezy 700 wave runner, Us 10.5 and 2 pairs of Us 5.
The price of the Yeezy 700 Wave runner is 450 SGD each pair. The size Us 10.5
I kept for my own collection, but I sold my 2 Yeezy 700 wave runner Us 5 for 650 Each.
That is a Profit of 400 SGD for 2 pairs of Yeezy, but the down side of the Yeezy 700 is that they are very expensive to cop, therefore selling them after retail is hard because not much people are willing to pay more then 500-600 for pair of shoes.

I never copped the other Yeezy 700’s because I felt it was not worth the hassle + big invest.
This took me more than a month to sell

I would mark the Yeezy 700 to cop a 5, because price is very expensive to cop, and you still need to sell it for more then 450SGD. I Wouldn’t recommend to cop and resell them resell value isn’t there anymore.
Design wise, I only like the OG colorway design of the shoe not bad.

Off White sneaker collection

To cop an Off-White Sneaker is very difficult, because very limited pairs, and every one wants them.
There is so much competition, people with bots can purchase them on Nike, Off-white website, ETC. I was lucky enough to pass by in Orchard (Singapore) with my Girlfriend then we saw a line Infront of the Off-white store without thinking just walked there and asked which sneaker they said some converse off-white. Me and My Girlfriend Queued for like 30 minutes and we already saw which pair of off- white converse it was. We went in and copped 2 pairs of the Off-White converse chuck 70. We both copped and we don’t wear sneakers like that so we decided to sell them off.
Size Us 4 and Us 10.5.
RTP was 210 SGD we sold the Us 4 for 450SGD and Us 10.5 for 500SGD
So made a profit of 240 + 290 = 530 SGD. Not a bad day  
Time frame was 5 days.

If you don’t have a bot like me, you have to be lucky in the raffles. In Singapore DSMS is a good option to participate (got me from DSMS raffle Off-White Airforce 1 Volts).

Many other online stores are doing raffles so have a look online for the raffles.
tried many times for THE TEN Off- Whites on NIKE no success at all.

I would mark The Off-White sneaker collaborations Collection 6, because it very difficult to cop. Hoping to be lucky to cop one. if you manage to cop a Off-white collaboration sneaker, there is a high chance you can sell it with a high profit.
Design wise the I like the off-white sneaker allot because makes people turn heads.
I would recommend to participate for each raffle

4.Sneaker Bankroll

When you have built up a bank roll for example: 5000 SGD then 1 or 2 pairs are just a start, but you want more to buy and sell.
Look at websites that are selling sneakers such as Carousell, and look around for deals that you can buy and you know that are more worth. With a bank roll of 5000SGD you can just buy 10 pairs from 1 person for a lower price and sell it again.
Most likely if you made a bankroll of 5000SGD I would recommend to purchase a Sneaker bot, but not the expensive ones just maybe like 200 SGD or something.

Any Suggestion or Questions Drop me an Email.

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